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Indian Summer Blown Glass Iris Sculpture

So wow, where did April go? So many things have happened since my last post at the end of March! For awhile there we had an early summer starting. Some 80* days! That's my kinda day! I'm not much of a cold weather girl. Seventy is about as cold as I like it. I took advantage of the warm weather and spent some delicious time in the glass studio making new flower sculptures. Irises are the flowers that are starting to bloom here in the south so they have become my inspiration as I walk around my property to see what new colors have blossomed over night and smelling the sweet fragrance that the white and yellow ones send out into the soft breeze. 

In the studio I tried some new color combos mixing glass rods with an overlay of powders and a sprinkle of frit. I'm very happy with the end results. This one, Indian Summer, might be my favorite or at least it is today!
Why indian summer? I thought of all the beautiful colors my husband and I saw when we were hiking in New Mexico and…

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