Thursday, April 28, 2011

What is Frit ?

In describing my work, especially my jewelry, I use the term Frit Glass. It dawned on me that not everyone knows what that is or what it looks like... so.. I thought I would share a few pics from the studio to let you see what it looks like.

Frit, in it's simplest term, is bits of Glass. Frit ranges in size from Kosher Salt Size, Raw Sugar, Hour Glass Sand, Silt, and Talcum Powder.

Double Amber Purple Frit.. Course

Cobalt 5 Raw Sugar Size Frit
Agua Azul Salt Size Frit

Agua Azul Silt Size Powder
Butterscotch Talcum Powder Size

To Heat these Bits of Glass I use a Barracuda Torch by Bethlehem

Didymium Glass to Protect my Eyes.. Stylish Ha?

The Dark Gray Block is made from Graphite. It is the Perfect material to manipulate the Hot Glass on.

This last picture shows the simple tools I use to create both jewelry and sculpture!! On the far left, Stainless Steel Tweezers, next a Tungsten Pick, in the middle a Graphite Paddle, second from the right a Hollow Steel Rod (to make eyes) and at the far right is my Metal Daisy Stamp( that's how I imprint my signature)

So,, Now you know all about Lampworking!!! Any Questions?