Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lampwork Glass Paperweights, Frit Implosion

Boro Glass Paperweight, Double Dome
I was asked to make a couple of these as custom orders. They really are my Cabochons on Steroids..

Dimensions : 2" W x 1" Thick

Front View of the Double Dome Paperweight

This first one I made creating a "Double Dome" which gives a Fish Eye or Magnified effect to the inside frit design. It reminds me of looking through a Kaleidoscope in that depending on the angle you view it the colors look different.

This one has yellow frit, blue, and amber purple imploded into the clear glass sphere which gives it like a mystical, abstract design.

Front View
Lotus Garden Glass Paperweight... 2012
Lotus Garden Glass Paperweight.. 2012

Lotus Garden Glass Paperweight.. 2012

I'm having so much fun making them I haven't had time to upload them all to Etsy Yet.. but.. soon!! This last one looks like a Lotus Garden to me!

Just like the Cabochons, these Paperweight are made using Frit Glass.. check out my post..What is Frit for more on the subject.
I also use the boro glass rods you see laying on my torch bench, a torch and kiln.

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