Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Infinity Rim Marble Mold

I am working out some of the bugs both in my work space and in my hand coordination today after several months off the torch. One of the best exercise is to make some new cabs. They are such a great way to have fun and be productive at the same time. I Love making these little mini worlds.

Back in Oct, just before I shut the studio down, I ordered a new Toy. I had been working on Paperweights and found that I am absolutely addicted to making them. This lead me to Marbles. I started watching some cool videos on You tube.. like check out this one by Travis Weber...... Ok.. I have years to go before I'm  able to understand that one.. Here's another.. by Box Fan it's a How To.. Love his set up!! Who wouldn't right?

This lead me to searching for the best Marble Molds... I posted this as a question on Lampworketc and this is what I found...

Multi-Hole Infinity Rim Mold
It comes with five holes and is designed to make any size marble between approximately 3/8 inches and 1-1/2 inches.   The four smaller holes are in the front of the paddle and the larger fifth hole is in the center of the back.

Multi-Hole Infinity Rim Mold
 Here's a bit of a close up. The handle is made from Titanium and it has a counter weight on the back side to help keep it balanced. Check out this link.. Drew Fritts.. to learn more about their many molds.

Yesterday was my first time trying it out.. I used the mold to round out the tops and sides of my cabochons .. well.. the last few of the day... Here's a pic of the ones I made..

 Not sure where this journey is taking me.. but I'm going to have a lot of fun on the way!!

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