Thursday, February 28, 2013

Life is Whats Happening While You are Busy Making Plans

Sometimes I think John Lennon was right, " Life is whats happening while you are busy making plans" As an artist I have so many ideas, wants, creations in my head and on paper.. and yet.. what I do is probably what I really enjoy!! Does that make any sense?? Hmm.. It does to me.. but then.. I'm in my own head!!

My  goals a lot of days are to go into the studio and make certain sculptures and yet.. I find that when I get there I spend the whole day playing with frit. I am absolutely addicted to the process of implosion and the color reaction of the frit. It's not necessarily the end result that I am after.. although I LOve the whole encapsulated world that goes on inside the cabochons and paperweights, it is in the doing that I am engrossed. Like I have a hunger for it and can't stop. Even walking around town I see colors and shapes and frit and glass.. it's in the oil spots on the road after the rain, the pattern of the clouds at sunset or sunrise, the moss on a rock under a tree.. or my fave the colors of a bubble as it swirls and moves in the wind. I absolutely LOve bubbles!! For the longest time I wanted to paint them.. but I can't paint!! Frit implosion gives me that sense of awe and wonder like watching the swirling bubble.

So then I ask myself what else can be done with this amazing medium? What else do I want to do that i will absolutely be absorbed in during the creation process... Not sure... stay tuned..

Blue Moon Frit Glass Cabochon, cs75
Green Glass Frit Cabochon, cs74

 So off I go to the studio to dream a little dream and see what plans lay ahead!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Pink Sunburst Glass Paperweight

I am sitting here drinking my coffee and listening to the rain thinking about what I am going to do with my day. I am still absolutely fascinated in the process of making paperweights.
Pink Sunburst Glass Wendy Williams, 2013

 I just can’t get enough. It does something to my creativity... makes it come alive!!   Each one is like a mystery world under glass and I am creating their story.

Blue and Green Glass Paperweight by Wendy Williams, 2013

Like this one up above is it an underwater anemone? Coral? a Flower? You decide.. everyone's imagination is different.

Ebb Tide Glass Paperweight by Wendy Williams, 2013

 I tried blowing some shards.. It is a really good thing I used clear glass as suggested.. cause.. it didn't work out exactly as planned.  It's going to take me awhile to get the hang of it.. funny.. I thought that I would just sit down, wrap the glass around the blow pipe, heat it perfectly and blow an evenly shaped bubble the first time!! It sounded easy reading the tutorials!! He He!! That's life ha? I will keep going and trying it until I succeed...cause I have some cool ideas for it!!

Here is what the blow pipes look like... They are just 12-18" Stainless Steele Hollow tubes...

Stainless Steele Blow Pipes
They come in all different diameters..

Well, the coffee is gone and I know I am ready to go see what story unfolds in the studio today.. Hope your day is Beautiful!!

Keep your fire hot and your dreams alive!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Peaceful Warrior, Female Glass Sculpture by Wendy Williams

Peaceful Warrior, Female Glass Sculpture by Wendy Williams

Well I missed my Tuesday deadline for writing a new post. I spent the day yesterday working on my Website.. It is my goal to make that my primary selling venue. I like Etsy and Meylah but I want the freedom of designing my site the way I want. I would also like to integrate a Blog with Q&A right on that same site.. I have been learning about installing a shopping cart, view cart, taxes (for South Carolina Residents) and Shipping prices. It's getting there. I have a ton of fine tuning to do yet but.. one step at a time right!

Last week I worked on this female figurative sculpture called, "Peaceful Warrior" I think we decided on my FB Fan Page that she is a Praying, Rasta Haired, Groovy Chick... She is part of the new series that I am exploring..

Peaceful Warrior.. Flamework Art Glass.. Wendy Williams

This is a picture of her in the process. I love the the gold vein that runs through her and the way her hair came out...

Amazon Night Frit Glass Marble by Wendy Williams
This Marble I made using Amazon Night Frit. It starts out green in color and depending on the type of flame used, oxidized, neutral or reduced, it will produce different colors from blue to gold to green...

Amazon Night Flower Marble in process by Wendy Williams
This picture shows more of how the "punty" works.. like a long glass handle. You can see on my torch bench the orange rod used to create the female figure. The wooden dowels with the clips on the end I use to hold short rods so that I don't burn my fingers and those Paddles are made of graphite and called "Marvers"

Back side of Peaceful Warrior, by Wendy Williams

It is very unfortunate.. but.. Peaceful Warrior didn't make it. Good thing i took pictures before she was finished.... I was working on her final attachment and her feet when I flashed the the marble with my flame thus causing a thermal shock and cracking it.. The crack ran to fast and deep and there is no repairing it. I did mange to keep her as my mascot and she sits in my  studio window. She has a big scar on the flower marble.. but I don't care.. she will Inspire me to Push the limits and keep creating what I am passionate about.. To Live Life on Fire!!!