Life is Whats Happening While You are Busy Making Plans

Sometimes I think John Lennon was right, " Life is whats happening while you are busy making plans" As an artist I have so many ideas, wants, creations in my head and on paper.. and yet.. what I do is probably what I really enjoy!! Does that make any sense?? Hmm.. It does to me.. but then.. I'm in my own head!!

My  goals a lot of days are to go into the studio and make certain sculptures and yet.. I find that when I get there I spend the whole day playing with frit. I am absolutely addicted to the process of implosion and the color reaction of the frit. It's not necessarily the end result that I am after.. although I LOve the whole encapsulated world that goes on inside the cabochons and paperweights, it is in the doing that I am engrossed. Like I have a hunger for it and can't stop.

Even walking around town I see colors and shapes and frit and glass.. it's in the oil spots on the road after the rain, the pattern of the clouds at sunset or sunrise, the moss on a rock under a tree.. or my fave the colors of a bubble as it swirls and moves in the wind. I absolutely LOve bubbles!! For the longest time I wanted to paint them.. but I can't paint!! Frit implosion gives me that sense of awe and wonder like watching the swirling bubble.

Inspiration for Cabochons

Then I ask myself what else can be done with this amazing medium? What else do I want to do that I will absolutely be absorbed in during the creation process... Not sure... stay tuned..

Lampwork Cabochons with a Frit Implosion

Off I go to the studio to dream a little dream and see what plans lay ahead!!


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