Female Glass Sculpture, "Stepping Out"

Female Figurative by Wendy Williams..2013
She is Stepping Out into her destiny, ready to take a leap of faith and go after the desires of her heart! She is a Lampwork/Flamework Glass Sculpture/Paperweight that I created using Borosilicate glass rods and a very Hot Torch.

The Dome Sphere that she is standing on is an Implosion of Amazon Night Frit Glass and backed with Caramel Powder.

Title: Stepping Out
Medium: Lampwork/Flamework Glass
Dimensions: 6.5 H x 2.5 D x 4" W
Artist: Wendy Williams

Stepping Out Female Glass Sculpture by Wendy Williams.. 2013

Just like my Sculpture I am Stepping out in faith to find who I am called to be artistically, creatively and spiritually. I want to be authentic. Not a copy. Sometimes stepping out of my comfort zone is.. well.. uncomfortable.... But if I never seek change I will never know what Freedom can feel like. Freedom to create what inspires me, Freedom to Worship like no one is watching, and Freedom to live my life on Fire.

Female Art Glass Sculpture by Wendy Williams.. 2013

I feel I have to step out of the shadow of good enough and go after the very best!! I'm still in the trial stage.. so there is lots of growth to come.

Stepping out Art Glass Figure by Wendy Williams.. 2013

We each have a destiny.. a destiny that God planned for us before we were even born. A destiny that is filled with our hopes, dreams, passions and desires.. It is up to us to go after them.. And I'm ready!!

Stepping Out, Female Art Glass by Wendy Williams.. 2013

What’s your dream? Go after it!!


Jer 29:11


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