Thursday, July 25, 2013

Do you ever wonder how I manage to pack such delicate glass work? Come.. have a look!

So I have been working on a large wholesale order of Lampwork Glass Scuba Diver Ornaments since June 10th.. Phew.. it's been a challenge.. one that has certainly stretched me. I learned some new things about myself and as I was packing the first box of 30 today I could see my growth artistically as the weeks went on. I began to make them with more confidence.. I have to admit.. the very first day sitting down at the torch knowing that 90 divers lay ahead of me.. I was a bit overwhelmed. wondering if I had bitten off more than I could chew... but with the final week of production approaching and the first box ready to be shipped, I can feel the excitement of a job well done!

This is what a box of 30 ornamental divers looks like...

It's Huge! 16 x 16 x 16.... 7 lbs..

I get the question often about the safety in shipping such delicate glass around the world so I thought I would photograph this shipment and show you...

Each item is wrapped in white tissue paper, filling any gaps, and making the first cushion layer. I wrap until all the hard edges are gone. Then each piece gets wrapped in Bubble Wrap to create an inch or more barrier around it. Depending on the piece it might get as many as 5 or six layers of bubble wrap.

Then the final step is to add more layers of Bubble Wrap to the top of the packaging. The idea is that the art glass sculptures are nestled inside the box in their own protective pocket so if they should get jostled around, thrown around etc. they are like little suma wrestlers and have lots of padding to protect them at impact.

I have shipped all around the world in the twenty years I have been a glass artist and this is what I have done for them all.. It works great!!

Ooo and what does that Lampwork Glass Female Scuba Diver look like...

lampwork glass scuba diver ornament

And.. she is an exclusive for the gallery who placed the wholesale order!! If you are interested email me,,,  and I will give you their info when she is ready for sale through their website!

Have the most Beautiful Day.. I'm off to pack some more!!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Handmade Lampwork Glass Cabochon Buttons in a Diamond Tufted Headboard

Imagine a headboard done in a Diamond Tuft that you have created in your own style, with your own unique fabric. Now picture within that tufting that the buttons are made from glass. And each of those glass buttons were created one at a time specifically with you in mind. No two are alike although each holds properties of the others. They are all as unique as you are. Individual. Sparkling. They change with the changing light of the day. They have multiple depths, angles and colors. Aww… What a dream headboard! This is what I was honored to be part of! Someone's dream of the perfect bed! I made 13 frit implosion glass #cabochons for her to glue on metal button shanks and use in her dream headboard!

Handmade Glass Buttons

This photo represents 11 of the 13 buttons. This is just one of the many ways to incorporate Sparkling, Light Reflecting, Art Glass Cabochons into your everyday life! I do hope when the final bed is done she will share a picture with us. How fun to see the end results!!

To Purchase my Lampwork Glass Cabochon or make a custom request visit my store on Etsy..


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

#Pink Frit #Glass, Origins #Boro Blush.. What a pretty Bubble Gum Pink!

Boro Frit Glass, Pink Blush
Origins Pink Blush, Boro Frit Glass
One of my newest purchases! Loving the bright pink color! It is a WYSIWYG.. What you see is what you get color, unlike some of the other boro glass that has multiple hues depending on your application and heating.
Blush Glass Rod
Boro Bar Blush Rod
I have used the rods for a couple of years and always love the soft pink color I get from it. It is an easy to use color, smooth, just keep your flame bushy by reducing the Oxygen, or it could boil.

Diving Diva Glass Ornament
Female Glass Scuba Diver Ornament.. Wendy Williams.. 2013
This is one of my Fave things to create using the Boro Bar! I haven't had much time to play with the frit yet but I can't wait!!

Maybe I can slip in a play day between my custom orders!!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Coyotes in the Morning Spark Creativity and Imagination

Howling Coyotes.. Picture Courtesy of
The sound of their howls in the distance creates electricity in the air and stirs the creative soul!! Something in me resonates with the sound..What is it about these magnificent creatures, like their brother the wolf that stirs up the imagination? It is both exciting and eerie at the same time. Being a huge fan of dogs and having a passion to know more about them, the coyotes intrigue me!!! Why are they howling? and so late in the morning! Are they calling to their friends? I found a few answers... they howl to bring their Pack ( or family) back together after a hunt,, and to let other coyotes in the area know they are there and it is their territory!

To read more about the coyotes in the picture above  Read.... Michael Fryes Yosemite Journal

As I was searching for why they howl I found a YouTube video entitled, " How to Howl Like a Wolf "... thought I'd include the link in this blog.. purely for fun!!

So this was my morning.. out early to take the dogs on a run.. 1/2 way through we heard the yipes and howls.. Oddly it didn't effect my dogs but the hunting dogs at the top of my street went crazy!

Hmm.. maybe I should start making glass Coyotes!! But... how to begin... Oh ya.. with Passion!! I have that!!

But first..... 45 more Scuba Diver Ornament to go..... and so.. Off to the studio...

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Boro Glass Cabochons Triple Passion and Turbo Cobalt

Lampwork Glass Cabochon, Passion Frit Implosion
In trying to explain how borosilicate glass works I made three glass cabochons using the same colors, the same techniques, one right after the other to show the differences and uniqueness in each. Just like a snow flake, they look similar, but no two are alike. 
Boro Glass Button with bright orange frit
Textured Frit Glass Cabochon, Handmade
All Three of these large frit glass implosion cabochons were made using Triple Passion Frit and backing it in Turbo Cobalt. All three turned out a different hue. The first two really look nothing alike. The first one took on more purples and magenta.. it looks light and wispy like a fairy garden. The second one took on more feathery flares in orange looking like flames or the heads of grain. The Third Lampwork Cabochon has an element of both. on the left side it looks like the textured purple and magenta of the first and on the right side it it has the feathery orange flare of the second. 

I think that these three are a perfect example of how the frit implosion glass is all a happenstance. I can control it to a certain degree but really it ends up just being about a chemical reaction, how the metals in the colored glass react to the heat from the flame releasing their own separate gases being trapped into the the clear glass and forming their own unique patterns, shade, colors and design!

Boro Glass can render at least three different hues within one color... it somewhat has a mind of it's own.. sometimes I can get a consistent color and or pattern but.. usually they are all different.. 

Every time I open the kiln and remove these cabochons I am amazed to find a new color! I think I will never tire of making these little glass treasures!