Coyotes in the Morning Spark Creativity and Imagination

Howling Coyotes.. Picture Courtesy of
The sound of their howls in the distance creates electricity in the air and stirs the creative soul!! Something in me resonates with the sound..What is it about these magnificent creatures, like their brother the wolf that stirs up the imagination? It is both exciting and eerie at the same time. Being a huge fan of dogs and having a passion to know more about them, the coyotes intrigue me!!! Why are they howling? and so late in the morning! Are they calling to their friends? I found a few answers... they howl to bring their Pack ( or family) back together after a hunt,, and to let other coyotes in the area know they are there and it is their territory!

To read more about the coyotes in the picture above  Read.... Michael Fryes Yosemite Journal

As I was searching for why they howl I found a YouTube video entitled, " How to Howl Like a Wolf "... thought I'd include the link in this blog.. purely for fun!!

So this was my morning.. out early to take the dogs on a run.. 1/2 way through we heard the yipes and howls.. Oddly it didn't effect my dogs but the hunting dogs at the top of my street went crazy!

Hmm.. maybe I should start making glass Coyotes!! But... how to begin... Oh ya.. with Passion!! I have that!!

But first..... 45 more Scuba Diver Ornament to go..... and so.. Off to the studio...


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