Friday, January 11, 2013

Four Glass Paperweights and Seven Lampwork Cabochons

Blue Moon Frit Glass Paperweight
The Sun decided to peek out of it's cloud covering yesterday and warm us up with it's presence. I took full advantage of it and played in the studio all afternoon. I am sooo addicted to making Paperweights! I made four new Paperweights yesterday and seven small cabochons. I can't wait to go open the kiln and see what they look like.

That is always the mystery of glass. I never know what I have made until it is annealed, cooled down and out of the kiln. When your working with the glass in it's molten state all you see is red hot, not color. Sometimes I have Treasures, sometimes duds. So.. In the Light of each New Morning I look for treasures made from Glass....