Saturday, April 6, 2013

Swimming Female Art Glass Sculpture

Female Art Glass Swimmer Sculpture.. Wendy Williams.... 2012

This lovely lady was a first for me in creating tutorials.  Last summer I was asked to make a swimmer tutorial and submit it to the Flow Magazine. I was thrilled and nervous at the same time. How do you hold a glass rod in an open flame creating a sculpture while taking "in focus" good quality pictures at the same time?? What a challenge! I set up my Tripod and Camera and went to work on it.. It took weeks and some remakes and re-takes.. but.. I was able to document the whole process...  
Female Art Glass Swimmer Sculpture.. Wendy Williams.. 2012

I think she turned out Awesome. I am very happy with the form, shape and flow that she took on. I've waited many months and finally she has been featured in the magazine. She is in the Spring issue of the flow.. pg. 38. If you don't  receive  the magazine you can go to the flow and order a pdf pf the tutorial or get a subscription.

Here's a little sample, Female Art Glass Body in process.. step # 10

In this tutorial I take you all the way through the process of forming the legs, torso, and head, then combining all the parts as well as tips for forming the curved pieces that represent the waves

The pieces that will make up the waves.. step # 21
 From start to finish there are 24 steps.. Have fun with it!! To see a more pictures of the finished sculpture, read the full description or to purchase her follow this link to Morning Light Glass on Etsy.

Any Questions or comments?? I'd Love to here from you!! Have the most Beautiful Day