Wednesday, April 10, 2013

In the process of making lampwork glass flames

Good Morning!!

Boro Glass Flames
The Glass flames are coming along. I started with the one on the far left hoping that I could get some Amber/Purple in the design. I forgot to take into consideration the fact that the Orange and Yellow glass are worked in a neutral to reduced flame while the Amber/Purple likes an Oxidizing flame. I read that the amber/purple can turn grey-green I have just never seen it... until yesterday.

Red Orange Glass Flame
This one is my fave. I like the feathering, it has an abstract kinda flickering flame design within a design. It is created using a tungsten rake. After laying on the colors heat just a small area and rake through the colors.. repeat it as often as you like then finish the piece as you would normally.

I want to add some yellow to this and maybe leave the tops more orange.

Bright Orange Glass Flame
I like this rake through as well. Reminds me of Orange Sherbert Ice Cream.. My summer time Favorite!!

Off to the studio to try some more color combos.. it really is unlimited.. I might have to make several of these.

Have the most Beautiful Day!!