Friday, April 26, 2013

Glass Flame Sculptures - Finished!

Glass Flame
Glass Flame Sculpture by Wendy Williams.. 2013
This is how the first flame sculpture turned out. I made a pile of color samples (check out this Link for some of those pics) to get to this point. There are three center flames rising high with four supporting, dancing flames around it.

She Loved it so much she wanted a small one made for herself.. The first one was for a present. So we came up with this design..

Lampwork Glass Flame Sculpture
Glass Flame Sculpture, Mini

She wanted one using only oranges and yellow in a random pattern. This one feels more playful!

Her husband saw the pictures and wanted one for Himself.. Larger than the first with less Red and more Orange.. Here is what I came up with for him..

Elegant Glass Flame Sculpture.. Wendy Williams.. 2013

It's amazing how they all use the same colors and technique and yet.. they are all so individual.. So Unique! This one feels Elegant!