Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Flamework Glass Flower Sculpture, "Peaceful Flower"

Art Glass Flower Sculpture
Flamework Glass Sculpture.., Peaceful Flower.. Wendy Williams.. 2013

I found a new passion.. well.. it lasted for a week! Making Flower Sculptures. This is the first of two that I Titled; "Peaceful Flower" 
Peaceful Flower.. Wendy Williams 2013
My inspiration is the Spring and all of the wonderful blooms that I see waking my dogs every day.

Peaceful Flower.. Wendy Williams.. 2013
I am so fortunate that I can go on daily dream journeys with them and smell the wonderful scents of honey suckle and jasmine. I get to see all the changes in the landscape as it appears and disappears every new season. Or sometimes from morning till noon, like the mushroom village that sprang up over night around my salvia, then disappeared by lunch time. It was the perfect lilliputian village.. you know.. Gullivers Travels..

Peaceful Flower.. Wendy Williams... 2013
The shading in the petals are so unique.. they are peach, tangerine, mossy green with a bit of fuchsia thrown in for fun.. Yumm!!

Peaceful Flower.. Wendy Williams.. 2013
And just because I like Art Nouveau shapes I made the stem and the leaves free flowing organic shapes.

The flower and leaves rest upon a beveled square 3x3 piece of glass.

Title: Peaceful Flower
Medium: Flamework Glass
Dimensions: 4.5"H x 5"W x 4"D
Artist: Wendy Williams

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