Saturday, July 6, 2013

Boro Glass Cabochons Triple Passion and Turbo Cobalt

Lampwork Glass Cabochon, Passion Frit Implosion
In trying to explain how borosilicate glass works I made three glass cabochons using the same colors, the same techniques, one right after the other to show the differences and uniqueness in each. Just like a snow flake, they look similar, but no two are alike. 
Boro Glass Button with bright orange frit
Textured Frit Glass Cabochon, Handmade
All Three of these large frit glass implosion cabochons were made using Triple Passion Frit and backing it in Turbo Cobalt. All three turned out a different hue. The first two really look nothing alike. The first one took on more purples and magenta.. it looks light and wispy like a fairy garden. The second one took on more feathery flares in orange looking like flames or the heads of grain. The Third Lampwork Cabochon has an element of both. on the left side it looks like the textured purple and magenta of the first and on the right side it it has the feathery orange flare of the second. 

I think that these three are a perfect example of how the frit implosion glass is all a happenstance. I can control it to a certain degree but really it ends up just being about a chemical reaction, how the metals in the colored glass react to the heat from the flame releasing their own separate gases being trapped into the the clear glass and forming their own unique patterns, shade, colors and design!

Boro Glass can render at least three different hues within one color... it somewhat has a mind of it's own.. sometimes I can get a consistent color and or pattern but.. usually they are all different.. 

Every time I open the kiln and remove these cabochons I am amazed to find a new color! I think I will never tire of making these little glass treasures!