Tuesday, July 9, 2013

#Pink Frit #Glass, Origins #Boro Blush.. What a pretty Bubble Gum Pink!

Boro Frit Glass, Pink Blush
Origins Pink Blush, Boro Frit Glass
One of my newest purchases! Loving the bright pink color! It is a WYSIWYG.. What you see is what you get color, unlike some of the other boro glass that has multiple hues depending on your application and heating.
Blush Glass Rod
Boro Bar Blush Rod
I have used the rods for a couple of years and always love the soft pink color I get from it. It is an easy to use color, smooth, just keep your flame bushy by reducing the Oxygen, or it could boil.

Diving Diva Glass Ornament
Female Glass Scuba Diver Ornament.. Wendy Williams.. 2013
This is one of my Fave things to create using the Boro Bar! I haven't had much time to play with the frit yet but I can't wait!!

Maybe I can slip in a play day between my custom orders!!