Thursday, July 25, 2013

Do you ever wonder how I manage to pack such delicate glass work? Come.. have a look!

So I have been working on a large wholesale order of Lampwork Glass Scuba Diver Ornaments since June 10th.. Phew.. it's been a challenge.. one that has certainly stretched me. I learned some new things about myself and as I was packing the first box of 30 today I could see my growth artistically as the weeks went on. I began to make them with more confidence.. I have to admit.. the very first day sitting down at the torch knowing that 90 divers lay ahead of me.. I was a bit overwhelmed. wondering if I had bitten off more than I could chew... but with the final week of production approaching and the first box ready to be shipped, I can feel the excitement of a job well done!

This is what a box of 30 ornamental divers looks like...

It's Huge! 16 x 16 x 16.... 7 lbs..

I get the question often about the safety in shipping such delicate glass around the world so I thought I would photograph this shipment and show you...

Each item is wrapped in white tissue paper, filling any gaps, and making the first cushion layer. I wrap until all the hard edges are gone. Then each piece gets wrapped in Bubble Wrap to create an inch or more barrier around it. Depending on the piece it might get as many as 5 or six layers of bubble wrap.

Then the final step is to add more layers of Bubble Wrap to the top of the packaging. The idea is that the art glass sculptures are nestled inside the box in their own protective pocket so if they should get jostled around, thrown around etc. they are like little suma wrestlers and have lots of padding to protect them at impact.

I have shipped all around the world in the twenty years I have been a glass artist and this is what I have done for them all.. It works great!!

Ooo and what does that Lampwork Glass Female Scuba Diver look like...

lampwork glass scuba diver ornament

And.. she is an exclusive for the gallery who placed the wholesale order!! If you are interested email me,,,  and I will give you their info when she is ready for sale through their website!

Have the most Beautiful Day.. I'm off to pack some more!!