Monday, August 11, 2014

Closing a Door

I've Moved! All of my blog posts are now here at Morning Light Glass/Blog  this will probably be the last post I make on blogger. Just trying to get more studio time and less cyber time so I'm slimming down the places I post. Come on over and check the new site..  It's as sunny as these Sunflowers!!

Soo.. Until we meet again.. A Hui Hou.. and Aloha!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dancing Light and other things

It's been busy around here lately. I a in the very beginning of the Artful Home Ornament Extravaganza. I am creating the many divers to be shipped out! Very Exciting! I have also been creating custom orders.. and I Thank You for your interest and am thrilled that you Love your Sculptures!

And.. of course.. New Cabochons... cause.. I just LOve playing with frit!! .. I know.. I said it before.. but.. I really do have fun with these little bits of glass. Here are a few New Ones. (click on the pic for the link)

Lampwork Glass Cabochons
Boro Glass Cabochons.. Wendy Williams/Morning Light Glass... 2014

Frit Implosion Cabochons
Boro Glass Cabochons.. Wendy Williams/Morning Light Glass.. 2014

Fun Fun Fun!! I just installed a New Oxy Reg.. Hoping it will result in even brighter colors and of course.. the Illusive Pink! I am always on the hunt for the pink that comes with just the right settings on the torch.. keep your fingers crossed for me!!
hoping it will result in even brighter colors

I even had time for R&R on the Fourth of July!! These pictures are from Lake Cunningham, Greer, SC. Waterlillies cover a large portion of the inlets in this lake, along with cattails, dragonflies, trout and many species of birds. This White pidgeon let meget right next to it to take this picture.

Back to the Studio I go! A Hui Hou! Until we meet again! Aloha!

It's been busy
It's been busy around here lately. I am in the very beginning of The Artful Home Ornament Extravaganza. I'm creating the many divers to be shipped out! Very Exciting! I have also Been custom orders.. and I Thank You for your interest and am thrilled that you Loved your Sculptures!
And of course.. New Cabochons.. cause.. I just Love to play with frit!! I know.. I said it before.. but I really do Have fun with these little bits of glass.. Here are a few New ones.. (click on the pic for the link)
- See more at:
It's been busy around here lately. I am in the very beginning of The Artful Home Ornament Extravaganza. I'm creating the many divers to be shipped out! Very Exciting! I have also Been custom orders.. and I Thank You for your interest and am thrilled that you Loved your Sculptures!
And of course.. New Cabochons.. cause.. I just Love to play with frit!! I know.. I said it before.. but I really do Have fun with these little bits of glass.. Here are a few New ones.. (click on the pic for the link)
- See more at:

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Surf Riders, Swimming Dolphins

Surf Riders.. Flamework Art Glass.. Wendy Williams.. 2014
Surf Riders is a custom sculpture created for an Ocean loving family. They didn't know exactly what they wanted, just, something with dolphins. Knowing a little bit of their taste and style I ran with my own creative freedom and this is what came of a day in the studio.

The Dolphins are solid teal glass. For the waves I used star white with an over lay of glacier blue, it's hard to tell in the photo but it has a smokey, baby blue, with metallic sheen look to it. For the bottom of the base I rolled aqua powder over star white and got a cool mottled effect then I added thin stringers on to give it just a bit of an edge. Loving this sculpture alot!!

Surf Riders... Flamework Art Glass.. Wendy Williams.. 2014
Here it is on a different background and you can see more of the light blue. I am so glad they asked me and trusted me enough to make them something so unique.

Have the most Beautiful Day!  A Hui Hou and Aloha!!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

June Jewels

Wow.. I can't believe it has already been a month since I wrote my last blog! I've been busy working on my .com It's really coming along! I finally have a store/gallery complete with shopping cart and secure checkout.

My goal is to have different things for sale on my .com than I do on Etsy... for now though.. the larger items are the same..but.. the Marbles and Cabs are each unique to the two different sites.

 Wanna Check out my new store? Here is the link... MorningLightGlass /Store 

Dressed to the Nines .. Lampwork Glass Cabochon.. Wendy Williams

Sea Sprite... Lampwork Glass Cabochon.. Wendy Williams

Orange Swirl Marble.. Lampwork Glass.. Wendy Williams
These are just a few of new items I have listed for sale on my website!! Go.. check it out!! I promise to write something more interesting next time!!

So for now.... A Hui Hou!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fairies and Angels Oh My!

Flamework Glass Fairy Sculpture
Blue Angel.. Flamework Glass.. Wendy Williams..2014

So.. I wanted to make fairies and angels for the longest time but I got stuck on the wings.. it has been years in the process but I just couldn't get beyond my own head knowledge to see something different.. until.. one day while cruising around etsy I found this Wing Tutorial by Pipyrart and bought it.. 

Wing Tutorial by Pipyrart on Etsy

Great Tutorial.. and.. although my wings look nothing like hers she did give me some great inspiration and broke through that glass wall.. I do LOve how she does her wings.. and.. one day I will make her style.. but.. first.. I have to get over my fear of using tubing! I's a silly thing.. I probably need to search for a great video on "How To" use tubing.. I know it would totally transform my world.. but hey.. we all have things to overcome..

I put a lot of texture into the wings by drawing down the basic white shape with a 2mm rod to create feathers. There are three layers of feathers.

The base is something I have wanted to do for awhile also.. just fun organic "S" shapes fused together to create a bit of whimsy and movement. Keeping it clean and simple yet interesting.

lampwork glass angel sculpture by morning light glass
Blue Angel Art Glass Sculpture.. Wendy Williams.. 2014

She is the first of many.. I have one more that I finished yesterday. I will be photographing her and listing on Etsy today.. and share in a post here maybe next week.. Follow this link:  Female Art Glass Sculptures to check out more of these Dancers, Swimmers, Fairies and Angels.

Oh ya.. encase you want to know.. all of the colored glass used in "Blue Angel"  is BoroStix. I used Lazuli (one of my personal faves) over White for her body... The Base is Caribbean over clear and the wings are Bright White. Because BoroStix are Pressed glass powders that are melted into bars they tend to be very heat sensitive. I lay them on the base of my torch to heat them before I place them in the flame,,this is like using a hot plate.. be sure to keep the end portion of the rod off the plate so it is cool to the touch. You can't work if you burn yourself.. This method seems to work for me keeping the popping to a minimum... Work the glass in a neutral flame or it will boil. Why do I use it then if it is so difficult to work with? I Love the bright Opaque colors I get from Boro Stix.. Kinda like it's frosted

A Hui Hou!!! Have the most Beautiful Day!!                        MorningLightGlass/Etsy

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Peach Lampwork Glass Chrysanthemum Flower Sculpture

Peach Lampwork Glass Chrysanthemum.... Wendy Williams.. 2014
With the start of Spring and the beautiful flowers that are blooming I am drawn to making flower sculptures! I like these compact sizes. I can't get enough of them.. They are roughly.. 5" T x 4" W x 4" D ..

The Orange petals are a blend of lobster and Tangerine Boro Stix with a slender stripe of Raven Black twisted up and rolled around then pulled down into a cane. It's such a yummy blend of colors!

I love the organic shape of the leaves and stem.. flowing.. dancing.. moving..swaying.. as if it has a song of it's own..

For the leaves I used forest green, lime and lizard Boro Stix and a dash of star white twisted them into a thick can then re-heated to get a pliable ball.. flattened it into the shape above.. using my sharpened knife I sliced down the middle on both sides to give it dimension and make the "v" pattern that runs the length of the leaf. At this point I re-heat it in the torch and pull it out into a swaying, curvy, leaf.

Beautiful!!! And now.. I'm heading to the studio to make another.. this time I think I will make a version of the flower below.. It is a "Star Sister Dahlia".. I just love the nae and the color! It will be interesting to see how it turns out in glass..

Well... A Hui Hou!!! Have the Most Beautiful Day!!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

Lampwork Glass Seahorse, Teal Green

Teal and Green Glass Seahorse Ornament
Opaque Aqua Glass Seahorse with a transparent green mane made from Multi-Green. Both Colored Glass rods are NorthStar Colors. 

This collage shows how I make them. The Top left photo, still glowing red hot is the basic start of the seahorse body. The Second photo down I pulled a spiral shape out of the bottom half of the original ball of glass to form his tail.  I used a "punty" to do this - an 8mm rod of glass used to handle the molten glass. In the third photo down I have added the head, eyes and snout. And voila!! It's a seahorse.

At this point is heads into the kiln until the morning. When it has been properly annealed and cooled.

You can view this Seahorse and more in my Etsy Store Morning Light Glass     

A Hui Hou!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Red Lampwork Glass Marble in the Process

Fun isn't it? I love making marbles for the same reason I love making cabochons.. they are just random.. I use frit glass, powder glass, glass rods and stringers. In the top right hand picture you can see the marble with the frit and the bottom right I applied the stringer - glass pulled very thin.

Once I apply the colors I want I start letting gravity work for me in forming a ball. The final stages come when I use the sides of the Infinity Mold to create a perfect sphere. Not all of them work out. Some, like the marble I am working on in the picture, turn out wonky.. it rolls.. but not straight.. It will stay with me and accent a bowl or maybe my garden.

Teal Boro Glass Marble.. Wendy Williams.. 2014
This teal, green and black boro glass marble was made of three different stingers over a solid White glass to make the colors Pop!

Lapis Blue Gold Marble.. Wendy Williams.. 2014
The marble above was made using a core of white glass, Lapis Blue overlaid and a butterscotch glass stringer to give it that silvery gold sheen.

So many colors.. so little time!! So on that I note Off to the studio to play with some fire and glass!!

A Hui Hou!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Island Art Adventure / Gallery Honomu

Sneek Peek at the Glass Ornaments that I sent to Island Art Adventure / Gallery Honomu on the Big Island of Hawaii. 

Lampwork Glass Seahorse Ornaments by Wendy Williams / Morning Light Glass

Loving the color of the first seahorse! That NS Aqua and NS Multi are phenomenal together. Great Contrast.

Lampwork Girl Diver,  "Lori" Wendy Williams.. 2014

The divers in Black and Pink of course are one of my personal favorites. I am making them in a series called, "Lori" after the name of the client who first asked for this color combo.

Tiffany.. Lampwork Glass Diver.. Wendy Williams.. 2014
This one, "Tiffany" is soft and but tropical.. combined with the blonde hair and boro stix Mustard Yellow it is elegant and fun!

Boro Flamweork Glass Marbles .. Wendy Williams/Morning Light Glass
And one of my new passions! Mini Marbles.. I just love making these. I guess I really like the freedom of powder and stringers in an un-ordered  pattern.. just roll it up and see what ya get! Fun!

Soo.. if you find that you Love any of these contact the Owner of Gallery Honomu, Suzzane MacAdams, ( a personal friend from my Maui days). She will gladly send them to ya!! Or stop by if your in Hawaii and say Hi!

That's all for today, A Hui Hou!! Oh and you can always find me on Etsy and

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lapis Blue Jungle Flower, Lampwork Glass

Jungle Flower..Flamework Sculpture..Wendy Williams.. 2014
Fresh out of the kiln, "Lapis Blue Jungle Flower Sculpture".. It's roots look jungle-ee to me! What an absolute blast to take yesterday as a play day and just see what comes..

So here's how it started.. I've had this "Golden Rod" Frit hanging around for a couple of years.. I've used it a few times but always wished it was a little smaller grade or even in a powder and with that, I made some.. I tried a handy tool that I got from a yard sale but that didn't work the way I had hoped so I referred to my handy Hammer and News Paper. Just pour the frit in between sheets of paper, fold over and give it a few smacks until you get your desired size.

I used the frit on the inside edge of the lapis blue petals. Seriously pictures can not do this funky flower justice! I love the contrast between the yellow and the bright happy blue!

I twisted together some stripes of forest green and lizard green and pulled it into a swirled stem, Love doing that!! I just love the flow and movement of the glass when it's like taffy and can be pulled into fun spiral shapes.

Jungle Flower, Flamwork Glass, Wendy Williams 2014
I did the same for the organic style roots using mystery aventurine glass and boro stix lime. Fun time.. Fun Day.. Fun little Sculpture!!

All of the glass colors can be purchased at Mountain Glass they are the nicest people and ship out fast!!

Well.. A Hui Hou... until we meet again! Aloha!!                                      Morning LightGlass/Etsy

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Girl Scuba Divers, Art Glass Sculpture

Definitely one of my specialties to make in Lampwork/Flamework Glass. Diving was such a big part of my life when I lived by the Ocean. Now that I live in South Carolina Hiking with Dogs has taken it's place, but I still love the adventure of making these Diving Divas! Here are a few of my latest...

Girl Diver in Lapis Blue, Art Glass Ornament
Girl Diver in Red Fins, Art Glass Ornament
Girl Diver in Sky Blue, Art Glass Ornament
Girl Diver in Pink, Art Glass Ornament
 Fun!! Check out more of these Scuba Diver Chicks in my Etsy Shop

Until the next time!! A Hui Hou!!!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Grace - Female Art Glass Sculpture

Grace..Flamework Sculpture.. Wendy Williams.. 2014
"Grace" is a sculpture I have been working on for awhile. She is far more Elegant and Beautiful in person than these pictures but I did my best to capture her... 

The light that comes through the transparent yellow glass is stunning.. She has layers of transparent root beer color in her body allowing you to see through to her opaque caramel swirls... Some of the pictures show her color more green.. although she has multiple colors and hues ,her predominate color is butterscotch..


To me she represents my vision during worship service of a woman praising God in Dance with the Holy Spirit.. in the form of light.. moving, flowing, swaying in a rhythmic dance, all around her. .

You might remember her from the images below.. this is how she started out..Check out this Blog where I shared my process in "Glass Dancers Body"

 I heated several different colored rods together to get this blend, then rolled it over and over again which gives it layers.. Including transparent layers in root beer glass. It's a really neat effect. I think the lines in the glass add to the feeling of motion and muscle movement.
  Here you can just see the transparent color on her left thigh as the light is coming through it and making the color "strike" .. Beautiful... At this point she went back into the kiln before I added the other arm, hands, head and black hair with a pink headband..                                  

Friday, February 21, 2014

Underwater Custom, Lady in Red, Glass Scuba Diver

This one is inspired by Maria who dives the Florida Keys. She and her dad shared a passion for underwater photography. He has since passed on and she wanted something created that would remind her of the time they spent together.

Part of her diving gear was a red wet suit and yellow fins/tank and of course her camera with a yellow flash her dad had made for her.

I love the way she is diving down as if she has seen something so spectacular below her.

And she is ready to capture the moment.

 And the memory of it,  forever preserved in living color.

A Hui Hou!!