Friday, January 31, 2014

Glass Dancers Body - in the Process

I shared these pics on my FP .. This is a new custom piece I am working on.. well.. I was before we got snow and the weather turned freezing.. I hope this afternoon to get back into the studio and work on it some more.

I heated several different colors together to get this blend, then rolled it over and over again which gives it layers.. Including transparent layers in root beer glass. It's a really neat effect. I think the lines in the glass add to the feeling of motion and muscle movement.

Here you can just see the transparent color on her left thigh as the light is coming through it and making the color "strike" .. Beautiful... right now in the kiln she has arms, hands, a head and black hair with a pink headband.. I haven't seen her colors cooled yet.. cant wait to see what she looks like.

The plan is to add dancing light around her in the form of colored glass in a swaying form.. Hard to picture I know.. Guess we will both have to wait and see what the final sculpture will be..

For Now.. Here's a fun picture I was playing with in  BeFunky picture editor. Cause .. what else are you going to do on snow days? Play on the computer of course!

Izzy says, " Waz Up?"  So for now.. A Hui Hou!! ( Until we meet again!!)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Black Sparrow Flame Work Art Glass Sculpture

Black Sparrow Art Glass Sculpture..Wendy Williams .. 2014
Something New! Maybe it's my morning walks with the dogs, maybe I'm ready for Spring, Maybe it was the hundreds of birds gathered in the ceder tree a few days ago and flying all around the forest, whatever it is.. I am inspired lately to make birds, nests & eggs.

Black Sparrow Art Glass Sculpture.. Wendy Williams.. 2014
It's funny.. I didn't actually sit down at the torch bench and say, "Hey.. I think I will make a black sparrow sitting on a tree limb" but .. as I started laying down the color, heating it in the torch, pushing and pulling the shape into being I saw it.. I knew what it would be!

Black Sparrow Art Glass Sculpture..Wendy Williams.. 2014

And that's how it works for me.. Sometimes I actually make what I set out to do.. like the dragonflies I have in the kiln this morning.. I purposely set out to create them. Or any of the ornaments.. sharks, seahorses, scuba divers

Black Sparrow Art Glass Sculpture.. Wendy Williams.. 2014

But most of the sculptures take on a life of their own.. Sometimes it is because that particular day the glass is a bit stiffer or the color changes in a direction I had not anticipated or the weather won't permit me to do something real intricate.. like lately.. it has been so cold.. my poor studio heater can't keep up.

Black Sparrow Art Glass Sculpture.. Wendy Williams.. 2014
I guess that's all part of the excitement, mystery, frustration even... And all a part of learning.. I think I could live three lifetimes and never exhaust all there is to know about melting glass.. It is such a unique medium and I am absolutely hooked on it!!

Well.. That's my story for today!

A Hui Hou!! ( Until we meet again!!)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Playing with Casting Resin

What am I doing this fine Saturday? Playing with Resin! I've had a fascination with the stuff for years.. like.. 15 years.. I've bought so many bottles of it and never used it. Why you ask? Not sure.. I guess I never felt confident in using it. But this time around I researched for exactly what I wanted to use it for. They will become pedestals for my Glass Sculptures. I never have been able to find what I wanted for them so I decided I needed to make them myself.. Here's pics from my very first day...

I chose Easy Craft Resin to use. It has low odor, cures clear but I can also add pigment, which I did, Black.

I chose to use, 5" round molds.. seemed like a good size.. 

I am not promoting Lands End, although I Love them.. The plastic container was not completely flat on the bottom so I used the box for a flat surface..

Here's my very first casting! It's pretty fun.. and.. easy! It has a few bubbles but not bad.

And there's all four... I poured them more evenly as I went along.

All sealed up to keep in the fumes and keep any dust out

And now for the clean up! I learned a lot from Skinner Studios Blog Posts.. she suggested leaving the the sticks in the measuring cups until they harden then, all the excess will lift out.. sounds good to me!! I'm so proud of me.. I must be growing up.. I usually just jump into a thing and kinda do it on the fly.. this time I was patient, read the how to's, bought measuring cups for accuracy, used a stop watch and even temperature gauge.. Wow!! That's huge in my world.

So now they have to cure for 24 hours before I can take them out of the molds and see what happened.. Soo Stay tuned!! There will be more pics to come!!

In the meantime.. I'm gonna go play with my dogs!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Lampwork Blown Shards, Amphibias Deep Sea Glass

Do you remember last January when I blogged about wanting to Blow Glass Shards? I even bought a great "How To" Tutorial from Avenue Beads and gave it a try. When the Winter edition of  The Flow Magazine came out  I saw a wonderful article from Jennifer Umphress sharing how she used shards to create the patterns on the back of her frogs. I got soo excited to start using this technique. I did a few but then started on the Scuba Diver Order and it had to go on the back burner!

Well.. I decided to go for it again.. and here is my journey!!

These are some of the shards I made a few days ago.I took pictures so I could share with you.. you see that I need lots of practice.. They really need to be a lot thinner.

Here's how I started... I wrapped aqua glass around the blow pipe then rolled it in frit glass, put it back in the flame, heating it evenly, and then with  little puffs of air I blew into the pipe creating a hollow sphere.

You can see the shape in this picture while it is still glowing red hot.

And this is what it looks like cooled..Now you can see the colors and pattern. Very amphibious and scaly looking don't you think?

Because I didn't lay down my aqua glass with even walls, one side was thinner and it blew out leaving a hole in that side. 

This is the other side of the sphere.. I just Love the patterns created in this glass.. like deep sea bubbles or something like that..

I let the Sphere cool on the blow pipe for a bit then made the shards.. Ok.. so I put the sphere in my pot and gave it a whack with a hammer.. of course with eye protection.. That was fun!!

These are just some of the cool lovelies that I got out of that.. now.. I think I'll use them in a Marble. I can see so many different possibilities using blown shards in art glass pieces.. but first.. Practice, Practice Practice!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Walking Agave Art Glass Plant

"Walking Agave" Flamework Glass Sculpture
Walking Agave is one of those creations that just came to me in the middle of "doing".. I didn't intentionally set out to make this sculpture.. but somehow I knew where I was going with it..Kinda like it was saying, "Hey I need a little help here.. please create me" and.. so I did!
"Walking Agave" .. Wendy Williams.. 2014
I had some new glass called," Experimental Green" that I have been wanting to try and "Mystery Aventurine" is always fun but I needed something in a WYSIWYG color.. Stays constant .. so Forest Green was my choice..
"Walking Agave" .. Morning Light Glass
As I was making the first leaf I realized it needed something spicy and thorns seemed to be the answer. I thought the darker blue was a great contrast to the shimmery, silvery, blue.
"Walking Agave" Art Glass Plant Sculpture

While editing the photos I took of Walking Agave, I saw this picture.. and it gave me the title. I have a very vivid imagination and when I saw this all I could think of was a guy in pencil pants know.. the real skinny legged kind.. with a cabbage on his head. And so from that came the name of this glass plant.
"Walking Agave" .. Wendy Williams... 2014

And soo now you know a little bit more about me!

Oh.. and I happen to absolutely LOve this Piece!! 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Glass Dancer Amongst Yellow Flowers

Art Glass Female Figure
Shiloah.. Flamework Glass.. 7.5"H x 4.5"W x 5"D.. Wendy Williams ..2013
I bought a pound of Dark Amethyst Glass in mid December not knowing what exactly it would look like or what to make from it. Since I love making the human form and I sold some of my fave Divers and Dancers over Christmas I thought I would use this yummy glass into a dancer. 
blue female art glass figure
She went through a few changes along the way..  I thought she was finished at this point but I was not satisfied with Her.. I thought about adding yellow flowers on the bottom.. Back into the kiln this dancer went..
Lampwork Glass Dancer in the Kiln
Here she is in the kiln for her final annealing! The colors shown in her hair and body are more true to her real color.. she is a grape color with a blue-ish, purple hair mixed with white. I guess because of the way the light goes through her body while photographing it catches the base color which is a blue.. I might have to rephotograph her using a darker background! 
glass girl dancing over yellow flowers
The Flowers are different.. they have a solid black center with a soft yellow petal, abstract black lines and tipped in red. 
garden dancing female art glass figure
Why Shiloah?  I had the name rolling around in my head and as I looked it up I found that there was a good bit written about it. Shiloah was a Pool in Jerusalem. The Pool was surrounded by the royal gardens and the water from this pool irrigated the garden. It is also called Solomons Pool, and .. purple being a Royal color.. the purple dancer dancing amongst the flowers.. seemed like a perfect name