Friday, April 25, 2014

Lampwork Glass Seahorse, Teal Green

Teal and Green Glass Seahorse Ornament
Opaque Aqua Glass Seahorse with a transparent green mane made from Multi-Green. Both Colored Glass rods are NorthStar Colors. 

This collage shows how I make them. The Top left photo, still glowing red hot is the basic start of the seahorse body. The Second photo down I pulled a spiral shape out of the bottom half of the original ball of glass to form his tail.  I used a "punty" to do this - an 8mm rod of glass used to handle the molten glass. In the third photo down I have added the head, eyes and snout. And voila!! It's a seahorse.

At this point is heads into the kiln until the morning. When it has been properly annealed and cooled.

You can view this Seahorse and more in my Etsy Store Morning Light Glass     

A Hui Hou!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Red Lampwork Glass Marble in the Process

Fun isn't it? I love making marbles for the same reason I love making cabochons.. they are just random.. I use frit glass, powder glass, glass rods and stringers. In the top right hand picture you can see the marble with the frit and the bottom right I applied the stringer - glass pulled very thin.

Once I apply the colors I want I start letting gravity work for me in forming a ball. The final stages come when I use the sides of the Infinity Mold to create a perfect sphere. Not all of them work out. Some, like the marble I am working on in the picture, turn out wonky.. it rolls.. but not straight.. It will stay with me and accent a bowl or maybe my garden.

Teal Boro Glass Marble.. Wendy Williams.. 2014
This teal, green and black boro glass marble was made of three different stingers over a solid White glass to make the colors Pop!

Lapis Blue Gold Marble.. Wendy Williams.. 2014
The marble above was made using a core of white glass, Lapis Blue overlaid and a butterscotch glass stringer to give it that silvery gold sheen.

So many colors.. so little time!! So on that I note Off to the studio to play with some fire and glass!!

A Hui Hou!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Island Art Adventure / Gallery Honomu

Sneek Peek at the Glass Ornaments that I sent to Island Art Adventure / Gallery Honomu on the Big Island of Hawaii. 

Lampwork Glass Seahorse Ornaments by Wendy Williams / Morning Light Glass

Loving the color of the first seahorse! That NS Aqua and NS Multi are phenomenal together. Great Contrast.

Lampwork Girl Diver,  "Lori" Wendy Williams.. 2014

The divers in Black and Pink of course are one of my personal favorites. I am making them in a series called, "Lori" after the name of the client who first asked for this color combo.

Tiffany.. Lampwork Glass Diver.. Wendy Williams.. 2014
This one, "Tiffany" is soft and but tropical.. combined with the blonde hair and boro stix Mustard Yellow it is elegant and fun!

Boro Flamweork Glass Marbles .. Wendy Williams/Morning Light Glass
And one of my new passions! Mini Marbles.. I just love making these. I guess I really like the freedom of powder and stringers in an un-ordered  pattern.. just roll it up and see what ya get! Fun!

Soo.. if you find that you Love any of these contact the Owner of Gallery Honomu, Suzzane MacAdams, ( a personal friend from my Maui days). She will gladly send them to ya!! Or stop by if your in Hawaii and say Hi!

That's all for today, A Hui Hou!! Oh and you can always find me on Etsy and

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lapis Blue Jungle Flower, Lampwork Glass

Jungle Flower..Flamework Sculpture..Wendy Williams.. 2014
Fresh out of the kiln, "Lapis Blue Jungle Flower Sculpture".. It's roots look jungle-ee to me! What an absolute blast to take yesterday as a play day and just see what comes..

So here's how it started.. I've had this "Golden Rod" Frit hanging around for a couple of years.. I've used it a few times but always wished it was a little smaller grade or even in a powder and with that, I made some.. I tried a handy tool that I got from a yard sale but that didn't work the way I had hoped so I referred to my handy Hammer and News Paper. Just pour the frit in between sheets of paper, fold over and give it a few smacks until you get your desired size.

I used the frit on the inside edge of the lapis blue petals. Seriously pictures can not do this funky flower justice! I love the contrast between the yellow and the bright happy blue!

I twisted together some stripes of forest green and lizard green and pulled it into a swirled stem, Love doing that!! I just love the flow and movement of the glass when it's like taffy and can be pulled into fun spiral shapes.

Jungle Flower, Flamwork Glass, Wendy Williams 2014
I did the same for the organic style roots using mystery aventurine glass and boro stix lime. Fun time.. Fun Day.. Fun little Sculpture!!

All of the glass colors can be purchased at Mountain Glass they are the nicest people and ship out fast!!

Well.. A Hui Hou... until we meet again! Aloha!!                                      Morning LightGlass/Etsy