Friday, April 25, 2014

Lampwork Glass Seahorse, Teal Green

Teal and Green Glass Seahorse Ornament
Opaque Aqua Glass Seahorse with a transparent green mane made from Multi-Green. Both Colored Glass rods are NorthStar Colors. 

This collage shows how I make them. The Top left photo, still glowing red hot is the basic start of the seahorse body. The Second photo down I pulled a spiral shape out of the bottom half of the original ball of glass to form his tail.  I used a "punty" to do this - an 8mm rod of glass used to handle the molten glass. In the third photo down I have added the head, eyes and snout. And voila!! It's a seahorse.

At this point is heads into the kiln until the morning. When it has been properly annealed and cooled.

You can view this Seahorse and more in my Etsy Store Morning Light Glass     

A Hui Hou!!!

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