Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fairies and Angels Oh My!

Flamework Glass Fairy Sculpture
Blue Angel.. Flamework Glass.. Wendy Williams..2014

So.. I wanted to make fairies and angels for the longest time but I got stuck on the wings.. it has been years in the process but I just couldn't get beyond my own head knowledge to see something different.. until.. one day while cruising around etsy I found this Wing Tutorial by Pipyrart and bought it.. 

Wing Tutorial by Pipyrart on Etsy

Great Tutorial.. and.. although my wings look nothing like hers she did give me some great inspiration and broke through that glass wall.. I do LOve how she does her wings.. and.. one day I will make her style.. but.. first.. I have to get over my fear of using tubing! I know..it's a silly thing.. I probably need to search for a great video on "How To" use tubing.. I know it would totally transform my world.. but hey.. we all have things to overcome..

I put a lot of texture into the wings by drawing down the basic white shape with a 2mm rod to create feathers. There are three layers of feathers.

The base is something I have wanted to do for awhile also.. just fun organic "S" shapes fused together to create a bit of whimsy and movement. Keeping it clean and simple yet interesting.

lampwork glass angel sculpture by morning light glass
Blue Angel Art Glass Sculpture.. Wendy Williams.. 2014

She is the first of many.. I have one more that I finished yesterday. I will be photographing her and listing on Etsy today.. and share in a post here maybe next week.. Follow this link:  Female Art Glass Sculptures to check out more of these Dancers, Swimmers, Fairies and Angels.

Oh ya.. encase you want to know.. all of the colored glass used in "Blue Angel"  is BoroStix. I used Lazuli (one of my personal faves) over White for her body... The Base is Caribbean over clear and the wings are Bright White. Because BoroStix are Pressed glass powders that are melted into bars they tend to be very heat sensitive. I lay them on the base of my torch to heat them before I place them in the flame,,this is like using a hot plate.. be sure to keep the end portion of the rod off the plate so it is cool to the touch. You can't work if you burn yourself.. This method seems to work for me keeping the popping to a minimum... Work the glass in a neutral flame or it will boil. Why do I use it then if it is so difficult to work with? I Love the bright Opaque colors I get from Boro Stix.. Kinda like it's frosted

A Hui Hou!!! Have the most Beautiful Day!!

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Peach Lampwork Glass Chrysanthemum Flower Sculpture

Peach Lampwork Glass Chrysanthemum.... Wendy Williams.. 2014
With the start of Spring and the beautiful flowers that are blooming I am drawn to making flower sculptures! I like these compact sizes. I can't get enough of them.. They are roughly.. 5" T x 4" W x 4" D ..

The Orange petals are a blend of lobster and Tangerine Boro Stix with a slender stripe of Raven Black twisted up and rolled around then pulled down into a cane. It's such a yummy blend of colors!

I love the organic shape of the leaves and stem.. flowing.. dancing.. moving..swaying.. as if it has a song of it's own..

For the leaves I used forest green, lime and lizard Boro Stix and a dash of star white twisted them into a thick can then re-heated to get a pliable ball.. flattened it into the shape above.. using my sharpened knife I sliced down the middle on both sides to give it dimension and make the "v" pattern that runs the length of the leaf. At this point I re-heat it in the torch and pull it out into a swaying, curvy, leaf.

Beautiful!!! And now.. I'm heading to the studio to make another.. this time I think I will make a version of the flower below.. It is a "Star Sister Dahlia".. I just love the nae and the color! It will be interesting to see how it turns out in glass..

Well... A Hui Hou!!! Have the Most Beautiful Day!!!