Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Peach Lampwork Glass Chrysanthemum Flower Sculpture

Peach Lampwork Glass Chrysanthemum.... Wendy Williams.. 2014
With the start of Spring and the beautiful flowers that are blooming I am drawn to making flower sculptures! I like these compact sizes. I can't get enough of them.. They are roughly.. 5" T x 4" W x 4" D ..

The Orange petals are a blend of lobster and Tangerine Boro Stix with a slender stripe of Raven Black twisted up and rolled around then pulled down into a cane. It's such a yummy blend of colors!

I love the organic shape of the leaves and stem.. flowing.. dancing.. moving..swaying.. as if it has a song of it's own..

For the leaves I used forest green, lime and lizard Boro Stix and a dash of star white twisted them into a thick can then re-heated to get a pliable ball.. flattened it into the shape above.. using my sharpened knife I sliced down the middle on both sides to give it dimension and make the "v" pattern that runs the length of the leaf. At this point I re-heat it in the torch and pull it out into a swaying, curvy, leaf.

Beautiful!!! And now.. I'm heading to the studio to make another.. this time I think I will make a version of the flower below.. It is a "Star Sister Dahlia".. I just love the nae and the color! It will be interesting to see how it turns out in glass..

Well... A Hui Hou!!! Have the Most Beautiful Day!!!

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