Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Glass Dancer Amongst Yellow Flowers

Art Glass Female Figure
Shiloah.. Flamework Glass.. 7.5"H x 4.5"W x 5"D.. Wendy Williams ..2013
I bought a pound of Dark Amethyst Glass in mid December not knowing what exactly it would look like or what to make from it. Since I love making the human form and I sold some of my fave Divers and Dancers over Christmas I thought I would use this yummy glass into a dancer. 
blue female art glass figure
She went through a few changes along the way..  I thought she was finished at this point but I was not satisfied with Her.. I thought about adding yellow flowers on the bottom.. Back into the kiln this dancer went..
Lampwork Glass Dancer in the Kiln
Here she is in the kiln for her final annealing! The colors shown in her hair and body are more true to her real color.. she is a grape color with a blue-ish, purple hair mixed with white. I guess because of the way the light goes through her body while photographing it catches the base color which is a blue.. I might have to rephotograph her using a darker background! 
glass girl dancing over yellow flowers
The Flowers are different.. they have a solid black center with a soft yellow petal, abstract black lines and tipped in red. 
garden dancing female art glass figure
Why Shiloah?  I had the name rolling around in my head and as I looked it up I found that there was a good bit written about it. Shiloah was a Pool in Jerusalem. The Pool was surrounded by the royal gardens and the water from this pool irrigated the garden. It is also called Solomons Pool, and .. purple being a Royal color.. the purple dancer dancing amongst the flowers.. seemed like a perfect name