Friday, January 17, 2014

Lampwork Blown Shards, Amphibias Deep Sea Glass

Do you remember last January when I blogged about wanting to Blow Glass Shards? I even bought a great "How To" Tutorial from Avenue Beads and gave it a try. When the Winter edition of  The Flow Magazine came out  I saw a wonderful article from Jennifer Umphress sharing how she used shards to create the patterns on the back of her frogs. I got soo excited to start using this technique. I did a few but then started on the Scuba Diver Order and it had to go on the back burner!

Well.. I decided to go for it again.. and here is my journey!!

These are some of the shards I made a few days ago.I took pictures so I could share with you.. you see that I need lots of practice.. They really need to be a lot thinner.

Here's how I started... I wrapped aqua glass around the blow pipe then rolled it in frit glass, put it back in the flame, heating it evenly, and then with  little puffs of air I blew into the pipe creating a hollow sphere.

You can see the shape in this picture while it is still glowing red hot.

And this is what it looks like cooled..Now you can see the colors and pattern. Very amphibious and scaly looking don't you think?

Because I didn't lay down my aqua glass with even walls, one side was thinner and it blew out leaving a hole in that side. 

This is the other side of the sphere.. I just Love the patterns created in this glass.. like deep sea bubbles or something like that..

I let the Sphere cool on the blow pipe for a bit then made the shards.. Ok.. so I put the sphere in my pot and gave it a whack with a hammer.. of course with eye protection.. That was fun!!

These are just some of the cool lovelies that I got out of that.. now.. I think I'll use them in a Marble. I can see so many different possibilities using blown shards in art glass pieces.. but first.. Practice, Practice Practice!!