Saturday, January 18, 2014

Playing with Casting Resin

What am I doing this fine Saturday? Playing with Resin! I've had a fascination with the stuff for years.. like.. 15 years.. I've bought so many bottles of it and never used it. Why you ask? Not sure.. I guess I never felt confident in using it. But this time around I researched for exactly what I wanted to use it for. They will become pedestals for my Glass Sculptures. I never have been able to find what I wanted for them so I decided I needed to make them myself.. Here's pics from my very first day...

I chose Easy Craft Resin to use. It has low odor, cures clear but I can also add pigment, which I did, Black.

I chose to use, 5" round molds.. seemed like a good size.. 

I am not promoting Lands End, although I Love them.. The plastic container was not completely flat on the bottom so I used the box for a flat surface..

Here's my very first casting! It's pretty fun.. and.. easy! It has a few bubbles but not bad.

And there's all four... I poured them more evenly as I went along.

All sealed up to keep in the fumes and keep any dust out

And now for the clean up! I learned a lot from Skinner Studios Blog Posts.. she suggested leaving the the sticks in the measuring cups until they harden then, all the excess will lift out.. sounds good to me!! I'm so proud of me.. I must be growing up.. I usually just jump into a thing and kinda do it on the fly.. this time I was patient, read the how to's, bought measuring cups for accuracy, used a stop watch and even temperature gauge.. Wow!! That's huge in my world.

So now they have to cure for 24 hours before I can take them out of the molds and see what happened.. Soo Stay tuned!! There will be more pics to come!!

In the meantime.. I'm gonna go play with my dogs!!