Friday, January 31, 2014

Glass Dancers Body - in the Process

I shared these pics on my FP .. This is a new custom piece I am working on.. well.. I was before we got snow and the weather turned freezing.. I hope this afternoon to get back into the studio and work on it some more.

I heated several different colors together to get this blend, then rolled it over and over again which gives it layers.. Including transparent layers in root beer glass. It's a really neat effect. I think the lines in the glass add to the feeling of motion and muscle movement.

Here you can just see the transparent color on her left thigh as the light is coming through it and making the color "strike" .. Beautiful... right now in the kiln she has arms, hands, a head and black hair with a pink headband.. I haven't seen her colors cooled yet.. cant wait to see what she looks like.

The plan is to add dancing light around her in the form of colored glass in a swaying form.. Hard to picture I know.. Guess we will both have to wait and see what the final sculpture will be..

For Now.. Here's a fun picture I was playing with in  BeFunky picture editor. Cause .. what else are you going to do on snow days? Play on the computer of course!

Izzy says, " Waz Up?"  So for now.. A Hui Hou!! ( Until we meet again!!)