Friday, February 28, 2014

Grace - Female Art Glass Sculpture

Grace..Flamework Sculpture.. Wendy Williams.. 2014
"Grace" is a sculpture I have been working on for awhile. She is far more Elegant and Beautiful in person than these pictures but I did my best to capture her... 

The light that comes through the transparent yellow glass is stunning.. She has layers of transparent root beer color in her body allowing you to see through to her opaque caramel swirls... Some of the pictures show her color more green.. although she has multiple colors and hues ,her predominate color is butterscotch..


To me she represents my vision during worship service of a woman praising God in Dance with the Holy Spirit.. in the form of light.. moving, flowing, swaying in a rhythmic dance, all around her. .

You might remember her from the images below.. this is how she started out..Check out this Blog where I shared my process in "Glass Dancers Body"

 I heated several different colored rods together to get this blend, then rolled it over and over again which gives it layers.. Including transparent layers in root beer glass. It's a really neat effect. I think the lines in the glass add to the feeling of motion and muscle movement.
  Here you can just see the transparent color on her left thigh as the light is coming through it and making the color "strike" .. Beautiful... At this point she went back into the kiln before I added the other arm, hands, head and black hair with a pink headband..