Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lapis Blue Jungle Flower, Lampwork Glass

Jungle Flower..Flamework Sculpture..Wendy Williams.. 2014
Fresh out of the kiln, "Lapis Blue Jungle Flower Sculpture".. It's roots look jungle-ee to me! What an absolute blast to take yesterday as a play day and just see what comes..

So here's how it started.. I've had this "Golden Rod" Frit hanging around for a couple of years.. I've used it a few times but always wished it was a little smaller grade or even in a powder and with that, I made some.. I tried a handy tool that I got from a yard sale but that didn't work the way I had hoped so I referred to my handy Hammer and News Paper. Just pour the frit in between sheets of paper, fold over and give it a few smacks until you get your desired size.

I used the frit on the inside edge of the lapis blue petals. Seriously pictures can not do this funky flower justice! I love the contrast between the yellow and the bright happy blue!

I twisted together some stripes of forest green and lizard green and pulled it into a swirled stem, Love doing that!! I just love the flow and movement of the glass when it's like taffy and can be pulled into fun spiral shapes.

Jungle Flower, Flamwork Glass, Wendy Williams 2014
I did the same for the organic style roots using mystery aventurine glass and boro stix lime. Fun time.. Fun Day.. Fun little Sculpture!!

All of the glass colors can be purchased at Mountain Glass they are the nicest people and ship out fast!!

Well.. A Hui Hou... until we meet again! Aloha!!                                      Morning LightGlass/Etsy