Thursday, April 24, 2014

Red Lampwork Glass Marble in the Process

Fun isn't it? I love making marbles for the same reason I love making cabochons.. they are just random.. I use frit glass, powder glass, glass rods and stringers. In the top right hand picture you can see the marble with the frit and the bottom right I applied the stringer - glass pulled very thin.

Once I apply the colors I want I start letting gravity work for me in forming a ball. The final stages come when I use the sides of the Infinity Mold to create a perfect sphere. Not all of them work out. Some, like the marble I am working on in the picture, turn out wonky.. it rolls.. but not straight.. It will stay with me and accent a bowl or maybe my garden.

Teal Boro Glass Marble.. Wendy Williams.. 2014
This teal, green and black boro glass marble was made of three different stingers over a solid White glass to make the colors Pop!

Lapis Blue Gold Marble.. Wendy Williams.. 2014
The marble above was made using a core of white glass, Lapis Blue overlaid and a butterscotch glass stringer to give it that silvery gold sheen.

So many colors.. so little time!! So on that I note Off to the studio to play with some fire and glass!!

A Hui Hou!!