Long Road Home


The roads that life takes us on, the fresh new journeys we embark on, can sometimes lead us right back to the place we began.

Many years ago I decided to close a door here on blogger in search of fresh new ideas. And I found great ones! But today, I find myself starting over again right here where it all started. That is, the first place I started to blog.

I've cleaned up my posts, deleting all but three, and I might still edit those. The things I found interesting about those three was the passion that I once had. Before I got caught up and bogged down by doing the daily marketing art grind. Reading all the latest, strolling through the forums and walking away deflated, sometimes.

Today marks the day I stand up and say no more! I'm taking control back of the way I choose to live my life; Calm, Peaceful & Surrounded by Nature!

I want to find the wonder in the simple things again!

I am focusing most of my energy on my own website MorningLightGlass.com and away from other online venues. And.. I think this has been a long time coming.. I'm very excited about the future!

Most of what I create these days is in the form of Flowers, Abstracts and Jewelry! I finally did start silversmithing and incorporating the frit glass cabochons I so love to make.

I will be posting pics of my work, a bit about how it's made, glass I use, techniques, links and inspiration. I hope you will join me on this adventure. If you have any questions let me know. I'll answer them here. Hopefully I can inspire others to follow their dreams.

If you want to see what I'm up to on a daily basis check out my Facebook Page. I post there most days.  

Thanks for reading!


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