Summer Time Bloom

Lampwork Glass Implosion Cabochon

It's the end of July and this summer has been a hot dry one, but it hasn't stopped me from working in the studio. Among other things, I have been creating new cabochons. It's funny how the colors of my cabochons change from winter to summer. Boro glass is so affected by heat, humidity or lack there of. In the winter or cooler months the glass produces the most stunning pinks and purples. In the summer I get vibrant blues and greens. Like the little cabochon above. It just came out of the kiln a couple of days ago. What a beautiful example of a summer time bloom. I LOve the mixture of vibrant green, cool water blues and subtle purples.

Each cabochon design that I create starts with little bits of glass called 'Frit'. Amazing isn't it?! The one above is a blend called Ebb Tide. I use this on most of my garden cabochons. Now you see why each cab is unique. Each little piece is 'Imploded" into a clear ball of glass randomly. Each little piece of frit is shaped different, colored a bit different, is effected by the heat differently. Each pattern is one of a kind! I LOve that! Cause when your using them for your jewelry designs you don't want a copy! Each piece you create should be a one of a kind, just like You!

You Can check out more of my cabochon supplies here. If you are interested in something specific just email me .. I'll let you know if I have something available or work on creating one for you!

Well.. that's all for today! Have the most Gorgeous Day!! Hope your by a clear body of cool water!!        Facebook    Instagram   


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